How To Use A Facebook Group Vs. A Facebook Page

One of the most common questions in Network Marketing is…

“Should I use a Facebook group or a Facebook page to grow my network marketing business?”

And the answer is absolutely BOTH.

But they are serve different purposes in your business.


Your Facebook business page is Phase 1 of your process. 

It’s how people get to know you and decide that they even like you enough to stick around. 

Your content on a Facebook business page should be live educational videos where you add value through testimonials, how to videos, and answer objections. Live videos on your Facebook page should be no longer than 10 minutes. 

Remember people are just starting to get to know you here so longer content is less likely to get consumed. 

Your Facebook Group is Phase 2 of your process. 

This is where you’re going to funnel people who want to interact with you more. Your Facebook group is where you deepen that relationship and people move from not just liking you but to actually trusting you enough to do business with you. 


Your Facebook group is for building community. This is where people can take a sneak peak into your team culture.  Your content inside of a Facebook group can be longer content like opportunity presentations, product presentations, and longer interview testimonials. 

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